2017 Galápagos Retreat

Wendy is amazing! I went on the 2017 Galapagos Island yoga retreat that she put on in December. Having twice a day practices for a week was intense and challenging both physically and mentally, but in her very efficient and caring way, Wendy helped me work through some tough stuff. Doing yoga on the boardwalk of a tropical lagoon and on pristine white beaches was beyond amazing (I LOVED acroyoga at Tortuga Bay!), and the organized activities, like visiting the giant tortoises and lava tunnels, were so great to share with the retreat group. The whole experience was perfect. Wendy put the same care in organizing this retreat as she usually does in her yoga classes and healing practice. I feel very grateful to have met this beautiful soul.

Jackie Sattler-Van Zand

Wendy has helped me during a period I was lost and my body was hurting from my illness. Her coaching, patience and love helped me heal and I am really grateful for that.
She is an awesome person and has a loving soul and I would recommend her to any body that needs teaching or coaching.
I also love her yoga classes; she can adapt to any injury and gives you a lot of attention even when the group is large.
Thumbs up girl!! Keep on doing what you are doing.

2018 Galápagos Retreat

The 2018 Yoga Retreat was exactly what I needed. It was a time in my life when I was going through a number of self-imposed and necessary changes and the retreat helped me figure out how to get through it all without losing sight of my mission to be true to myself. If challenges lead to growth, the physical, emotional, and spiritual journey I experienced over that week was invaluable in that respect. Issues I didn’t want to face, questions I didn’t want to answer, and even yoga poses I didn’t want to hold. Wendy guided me through all the tough stuff. I gradually felt the benefits afterward, and they are long-lasting, even today.