About Me

Wendy Isa

Compassionate, healing oriented, story-lover, rhythm; an eternal believer, balancing the want and the need.

Wendy’s offerings are a direct language to the heart; intuitive, ever expanding, and above all safe in nature. Her teachings have taken her to many beautiful places within Canada; around North, South, and Central America; and the Caribbean introducing her to many fabulous human beings along the way.

“It is not always what you want but ALWAYS what you NEED.”

“To say Yoga saved my life is underestimating what it really did. Yoga gave me my life, my power, my purpose, my passion back.”

Diagnosed with Lupus at age 16, Wendy lived through a series of events that threatened her life, pushing her to find a more sustainable way of living. After losing her grandmother when she was 13, being in heavy treatments for her disease until she was 19, and some heartbreaks in between; she discovered Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork.

It was through these practices that at the age of 23 she entered a remission stage in Lupus. This meant the tangible proof of all her hard work using the tools and practices that she created and now teaches to her students. She is an advocate of befriending your body and your mental being, as someone who has dealt with anxiety and depression, she knows how important is to create a toolbox full of coping mechanisms to create a safe and balance environment.

While studying Breathwork, Meditation, Energy Healing, Therapeutic Yoga, Chakra Alignment, Shadow Work, and Bodywork, she began to create her own craft and teaching style. That is how Energy Breathwork and Kinematic Yoga were born. It has been an amazing 10 years of teaching and the rewards of being able to share her experiences and knowledge while helping others is the greatest gift this career has given her.

Her style of teaching/coaching is a direct reflection of who she is. Directness with a brush of humour and a lot of empathy make her offerings a safe place to start peeling away the layers that are no longer needed and discover our true nature.