Kinematics is the study of the motion of mechanical points, bodies, and systems without consideration of their associated physical properties and the forces acting on them. There are three basic movements in the kinematics of human movement

  • Vertical Motion
  • Horizontal Motion
  • Projectile Motion

When Kinematics is applied to the body, it helps us to understand the independent motion of joints and body segments. When applying to the pose/asanas we practice in Yoga, we are able to breakdown poses and work in the biomechanics of the body parts that are required to create the movement. This style helps us to focus on alignment, posture, and preventing injuries; it allows us to move in an intelligent way to gain strength, flexibility, and a greater range of motion.

Below we are taking a common pose, Cat-Cow (Bitilasana), and will de-construct it to create a segmentation of movement using the three basic motions. We will then re-construct this beginner pose in a deeper way.

Kinematics Yoga (1:1)
One Class – $80.00
Five Classes – $375.00
Ten Classes – $720.00

Each class is 60 min. Online and in-Person within 15km driving distance no extra charge.

**Cancellation Policy: There will be a $30.00 cancellation/no-show fee if you are unable to make your appointment without giving 24hr prior notice.



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