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3 January, 2016
The Wicked Witch of the West… Bumpy Road
22 September, 2017
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The Wicked Witch of the West… the adventure begins

For 5 years and 5 months I have been a resident of Ottawa (Canada) but as of tomorrow and for the next 4 days I will be travelling throughout Canada until my final destination. Vancouver. I have been in love of this city since 2013, I visited in a road trip and part of my heart was left there. Now, is time for me to go a meet that other part of it and start the biggest adventure of my life -up to now.

Vancouver has been in my mind since then and I can not tell you how many scenarios I have pictured and day dreamt about. However, there were plenty of things I needed to do in Ottawa before my cycle was finished here and when a friend asked me to give him the reasons why I was still in Ottawa. Well, I couldn’t. I was in silence. I did not have any, with a little bit of persuasion in that conversation. I decided to pack my belongings and go. Of course, I am selling more than 80% of my life, because believe it or not a girl can have lots of sh*&! with her.

I managed to put 5 years of things and only keep with me 6 suitcases, a bike, a paddleboard and 7 boxes. Yes, I know its still a bit much but as a side and background note: I was married and I used to live in a big house. I moved from my hometown Ecuador to Canada with plenty of gifts and so on from family and friends and there was a period in my life that my cope mechanism was buying things. Plenty of things belonged to Yoga, now they are almost gone.

How am I feeling? Well, it’s mixed feelings I managed to create a business in Yoga & Energy Healing, a community fill with amazing students that will always be in my heart (I am back next spring to visit everyone ?), an unbelievable trust-worthy clan of friends who are now my chosen family, memories that will never be forgotten, I have had several broken hearts and plenty of pain but Ottawa has been the backstage that prepared me for whatever is coming next. So, join me as I load my car and go.

Today, I am sharing the pics of the storm before the bright sunshine, -my friend Bekka calls it “organized chaos”- and the links of the things that are still up for grabs.

Things for Sale

Shoes for Sale

Purses for Sale

More to come but for now is that.

Good night my pretties… Ta-ta