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23 September, 2017
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25 September, 2017
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The Wicked Witch of the West… 700.000 fairy tales

Sun Salutation, morning practice. ON

September 23rd, 2017

Exhausted. That is an understatement. Today was the longest drive, a little bit over 12 hours on the road, 1090 kms. Plenty of little towns and breathtaking scenery. Mother Nature has been so benevolent to share with me two days of beautiful warm weather. Not too hot and not too cold. Just perfect. I am so grateful for that.

My day started with a grounding meditation and an asana practice to lose all the tension and move my body with a very organic, gentle flow for about 30 min. My shala (a place to practice Yoga, grow and learn) today was Nancy’s backyard, the Airbnb for my first night. So close and in tune with nature, the water running from a close pond, the birds chipping as they start their morning routine, c’est magnifique!

Shala for this morning

Then breakfast, a delicious scrambled egg with veggies wrap. All modesty aside, I prepare some breakfast wraps to kill for! Mmm… As I was cooking a bit of lunch, my hosts gave me some garnish full of freshly cut spices out of their garden and a very soft muffin for a snack. After doing my last bit of journaling, I hit the road. My second stop is Dryden.

As I was driving through the great Ontario, the hills, the pines, the tress, the lakes and the big rocks. I am being pulled back in time to the first time I was driving here. Four years ago, my destination was Whistler; I went to my first Wanderlust Festival and with my ex-husband we decided to drive from Ottawa to Vancouver and back, we took 3 weeks and off we went. The experience overall was interesting in all aspects, the trip taught me a lot. The main lesson is that if you are doing a very long road trip you want to go with someone you trust, you like, you connect with and someone you can have endless talking time with. I could have not picked a better partner that my ex-husband, we have the capacity to talk about everything and we have infinite topics. However, it is challenging when you are doing it with your significant other because to be honest, there were times I wanted to hit the bejeezus out of him. Come on, I am human! I have a limit for my patience – I am working to amplify that –. It is easy to get really frustrated with your s.o. because they have the capacity to push buttons in you and when you are in the same situation I was, or a similar situation, the only thing you can so is breathe and be present and create a bigger understanding about everything and find solutions that both can agree upon because at the end of the day… you are stuck in the same car together. Sigh ?.

At that time, I decided I was not going to do a road trip again with anyone else but me. As I reflect back on that trip I remember that all these places were dull and very boring, now they are full of magic and flavour and vibrant colours. For that reason, I was not looking forward to this trip to drive through the same places I drove in the past. It only shows me the imprints that we put on ourselves and the filters that we decide to wear in front of our eyes which make us see the world in a different way, our reality in that moment of time. It does not mean it is good or bad, it only means that reality is as it is. You see, that is the fun part of reality, a friend taught me that there is always more than one reality. Regardless the situation you are in, it is your reality that is subjective, the other person´s reality also subjective and the truth which is objective. Because every single person has their own mind, their own point of view, their own way of thinking of how to approach the world therefore, that reality is going to be changing throughout life. Of course, there are few exceptions.

Eagle Canyon waterfalls

Goose statue in Wawa, ON

So, as I am here what I am doing is embracing and absorbing everything. Getting lost in the infinite lakes, the colourful sky with the shapes of the clouds, the warmth of the sun and to be open enough to accept who I am and who I am becoming. To enjoy the hug of a tree, I am a huge tree hugger. Whenever, I feel the need to stop to hug a tree I pull my car over and I do it. It helps me to keep myself grounded, it reminds me of my foundation, my home. I believe home resides within you, you are your home. We have houses and places to live around the word and cities we grow so fond of that we can always go back to visit or stay, but home is YOU. It is one of the first assignments I send to my clients whenever their foundation is shaken or gone. It creates roots down to earth.

Ontario scenery

Dark starts hitting on the road as I keep driving and in that moment my only wish to Pachamama was to be kind with me so no animal was near the road I was going through. When you as from your heart it is delivered, I did not see any animal which gave me plenty of peace.

Sunset somewhere in Ontario

Today’s topic of 700,000 fairy tales is about the more or less 700,000 people who live in the Northern Ontario towns that I have driven past. Every single human has stories, and tales are stories based in reality or fiction. Some people like to add some colour to their story which makes them a bit of tale. At the end of the day it is their story and it will create another story and so on and also the stories will change because people DO change. I do know people do change, I am a living proof of that. I have changed so much in these past 5 years, the person I used to be she is only a shadow of the person who I am right now. However, plenty of people from my past do not see the change because their reality and entourage has not change hence they can not accept what they do not see on daily basis, their reality is different.

Yes, we do have tales to tell and today as I was putting some gas in my car something extraordinary happened. Someone paid for my gas. A stranger. This random guy decided to pay for my gas and when I got closer to him to thank him and ask why he did that -I am not great in receiving, I do the giving part to the best of my abilities though and after some time I have come to the realization that when someone wants and is doing something good for me to let them because it is not only you who is receiving something but it is also happiness for them too-. When I asked him, he smiled at me and said “every girl with a nice smile deserves a treat” he wished me well and I thanked him and I left. The world is full of those tales, stories, anecdotes, experiences, call them what you want but the world is full of good treats. Let’s start not only listening but also creating those tales that have a happy ending.

Tips as you do a long road trip or a long trip: after two whiplashes, a dislocated shoulder and an enormous amount of stress have caused a very painful neck and my low back is in pain whenever I hold seated position for very long time due to the lordosis I have always had. What do I do?

For neck, as I am sitting I start with:

  • Neck rolls with the head but making sure the shoulders do not move.
  • Then take the right ear to the right shoulder and then the other side.
  • Chin to the chest, head tilt back and stick out the chin like Marlon Brando in the Godfather (if you have not watched that movie, go and watch it now!!!!)

For torso:

  • Put the hands in a wall and distance arm length apart and as the hands are kept on the wall, start pushing the buttocks back and soften the chest as an inverted L shape with the body, arms and wall starts happening.

For the low back:

  • First start creating gentle tilts with the pelvis as it releases tension in the sacrum.
  • Then round the back slowly and open the back gently with cat/cow
  • Moving towards a sphinx, maybe later a petite cobra to keep creating space.
  • Add some twits in a mindful way, slowly and using the breath as the most important tool.

Of course, all these exercises I do them whenever I stop to put gas or when I arrive to my final destination and for today’s is at Rolando´s, he is from the Philippines, a great bachelor suite place to myself! Private bathroom and private little kitchen. Yei!!!

Have a lovely day my pretties.