City Mind, Island Heart 2019 – Full
23 March, 2019
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City Mind, Island Heart 2019 – Deposit



7 days in one of the most ENCHANTED places in the world, the Galapagos Islands.

I invite you to this beautiful journey back to my country and where everything started.

You will enjoy daily yoga practices near a green emerald lagoon where fauna and water will create the music. Relax and breathe in your free time by walking around the beach, explore the surroundings or with a 30-min private 1:1 session with moi!

Adventure?! Yes!!! We will have different activities to explore the island and get to know why they are called enchanted! Plus one evening we will go out to mix and mingle with locals and enjoy some dancing time.

Secret: the price for this retreat is a treat! -well, that only happens when you go with a local- moi!