About Me

Hi, I am Wendy Issa, an Ecuadorian yogini, entrepreneur, trained chef, story-lover and a traveler down to my bones! I am an eternal believer that everything happens for a reason.

Since the age of 16, I have had an “invisible friend” and the Biggest Teacher in my life, Lupus. A series of symptoms that threatened my life pushed me to search for something that could help me sustain a healthy, medication-free lifestyle and heal myself. I discovered Yoga.

Yoga came into my life in 2010, it transformed my life. My newfound yoga practice helped me understand my feelings and emotions, reconnected  my physical body & breathe, and taught me how to monitor and be more conscious of my thoughts.  I became aware of what I was eating, thinking and feeling. That awareness was key to learning to be present and love myself fully

Yoga touched all aspects of my life and put me on the path to feeling empowered & whole again. 

Before moving to Canada, I went to Costa Rica for my first Yoga Teacher Training. My YTT was led by my now mentor, teacher and dear friend, Ashley Ludman. Five months later, I was teaching Yoga at studios and gyms around the Ottawa-Gatineau area. Throughout the years, I have been studying under an umbrella of amazing teachers including Ashley Ludman, Dharma Mittra, Amanda DeGrace, George & Brenda Ferguestein, Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Leslie Kaminoff, Susi Hately and more. Note: I realize that Yoga is a practice, I will be a student in this forever. 

After my mentor introduced me to Clarity Breathwork, Energy Healing, and Therapeutic Yoga, I began working on crafting my own style of teaching and Energy Breathwork & Bodywork was born! My classes are directed to help peel away the layers of your Outer-Self and discover your true nature. I will hold a safe space and guide you through a unique combination of meditation, breathwork, asana & hands-on adjustments, moving and balancing your energy life-force, Prana.

I am blessed and full of gratitude for every single person who comes into my classes and allows me to guide them on a mind and body journey.

I am a firm believer that Yoga is for everybody and everybody.

As a Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer and Breathworker I can help you get back on your feet, wherever that is and whatever it means to you. And if you do not know, that is OK too! I have been in that dark place, where flexibility and strength were not my companions, where pain and discomfort were the “normal”, where you feel disconnected from your own feelings and the only voice you can hear is that of depression. Little by little, I grew my self-healing toolset – from yoga, journaling, breathwork to meditation – to rediscover my light and find balance in my body, mind & spirit.

I share my story (and will keep doing so in my Blog) in hopes that you will not feel alone and know that I am here, ready to help you on this beautiful journey of life. Now, I hope to hear yours. Write to me on Instagram, Facebook or E-mail.  I look forward to connecting with you.



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