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3 January, 2016
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Giving Birth To…

My trip is approaching so fast and I still have more than one thing to do. I am happy to go back to Ecuador to visit family and friends; I am happy to take a break from everyone and everything. So much has happened in this year that I need time to process everything.

I do love my life here; I have a job that I adore and students/people that I meet daily and who fill me up with their stories and gratitude and love. I have a house that feels like home some days and a couple of cats that give me infinite love and peace and some headaches too! . I have my ex-boyfriend who is my best-friend, someone I can count all the time and I care about and love (but not in the way expects and the way he deserves). I have some financial stability -although in 2016 will be better and stable- I have accomplished so much and the projects I want and I will make happen in 2016 keep me motivated and working towards them. I have a great group of friends in Canada and Ecuador that support me 100%+ in every decision or direction I want to go.

I am strong and I am a believer that I am invincible.

Although I have sad, painful stories behind me. Stories that are my teachers and were my guides to do something to move forward.

I wouldn’t change anything even though there are things I wish to erase but if I have the power to change something, I wouldn’t take it. Cause every situation led me to now…


Polaroid 1, journaling with good cup of chocolate-

To be the great or perhaps not so great but definitely a better version of myself!

I am going back for my best friend’s wedding I am SO HAPPY for her! She deserves happiness beyond words can describe. I will be able to visit places with people I love and this time give them quality time.

I recently learned how valuable is to give quality time before you lose someone. The scars on my heart and soul will be closed eventually with love, compassion, time, patience and practice of healing.

But after all that…. This is happening.

During a workshop, and for a while before that, I have been open to re-invent myself and to create boundaries not just professional but also personal ones. So, after time thinking over and over again and finding the right motivation I decided to create… wait for it… “Wendy Issa Yoga & Healer”. I want to take everything I know and my experiences to help other people to find their path in life, to reconnect to themselves in whatever way they need!

I am an Energy Body Breathwork Healer and Yoga Teacher (I know a long way to describe what I do ). I am opening myself to work with people like me, like you, like your friend that wants to BREATHE but not only air/oxygen but wants to BREATHE LIFE!!!

So, after a lot of hours of work and amazing hard-working and talented people, my website and the social media world is created. This were the layouts I came up with to put this baby to cook:

Polaroid 2, website layouts-

I am so blessed to count with all these people who helped me in so many ways. I finally give birth to Wendy Issa Yoga & Energy Healer!

From a new customize website, great design of logo and business cards, social media, blog, photoshoot, etc. And of course, new projects and ideas, all in ON and ready to go!

Thank you so much in so many ways and languages… GRACIAS, MERCI, GRAZIE.