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16 December, 2015
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2016 Vision Board

So here it is: my first blog! I want to make this blog as natural as it can be. That is why you are going to see my handwriting and pages from my journal with pictures and photos and colours and more.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a person who loves creativity in all its expressions and meanings. I love to paint and draw and do cross-stitch and use innovation in many things,  and I absolutely love collages! But most of all, I love VISION BOARDS. What are those? Well, basically it is a board upon which you materialize your dreams!!! What you want to be or do in the future (tomorrow or next month or next year).

A vision board is made of whatever you want: pictures, photos, words, chalk, colours, sharpies, etc.

-Polaroid 1- here is the process, or better yet, MY process. Nemo is kinda helping.

After two days of going through magazines I found the words and pictures that resonated with me and that is how I chose what went on my vision board.

-Polaroid 2- The Vision Board finished. 2016 The Year of Thinking BIG.

2015 has been an OK year. Work has been great, and there were so many great opportunities and I got to visit so many places. Personally, it has been a year of so many challenges and letting go, yet there is still a lot of work to do. On my vision board I declared that 2016 is going to be a fantastic year for my personal growth no matter what focus I choose: spiritual, mental, physical, professional, etc.

I want to feel more confident, I want to explore places like South Africa. I want to teach my First Retreat in my dear country (Ecuador). I want to connect to myself and everyone around me in a deeper way. I will take care of myself by nurturing every aspect of me.